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Senate Finance Report Details Home Health Abuse by Amedisys, LHC, Gentiva, & Others

October 3, 2011

Today the Senate Finance Committee issued a scathing report finding that Home Health giants, Amedisys, LHC Group, and Gentiva “gamed” the Medicare system and defrauded American taxpayers.  According to a summary of the report:

“The home health therapy practices identified at Amedisys, LHC Group, and Gentiva at best represent abuses of the Medicare homehealth program. At worst, they may be examples of for-profit companies defrauding the Medicare home health program at the expense of taxpayers.”

Read the 670-page report in its entirety and review for yourself the documents that convinced the Senate Finance Committee of massive home health Medicare abuse:

To report home health fraud or other Medicare fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.

  1. Patsy Sheehan, RN permalink

    I am an RN who has worked in home health for twenty years…on the front lines, i.e.,in care delivery. I have worked for both Amedysis and Gentiva home health and have never been encouraged to increase visits to increase revenue. In fact, there are numerous imposed requirements which must be met to justify the use of services. These requirements and documentation of such sometimes interferes with delivering the amount of care a patient really needs. In one Gentiva agency, Physical Therapists would not write Plans of Care exceeding the 10 visit limit even though the successful treatment of the patient’s condition warranted more visits over a longer period of time. The Finance Committee’s report is erroneous in it’s interpretation of statistics and the conclusions drawn by the committee are woefully absent a knowledge of the facts in regard to giving beneficiaries the health care they are intitled to receive.

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  3. T Bley permalink

    I was an employee of Gentiva for 5 years and frequently witnessed encouragement of Therapist to provide at least 10 visits, and if they discharged early the therapists were questioned and had to provide response to early dischage. LUPA or PEP were evaluated weekly in administration meetings . In fact protocols, especially for joint replacement patients always requires 10+ visits. 5 times weekly for at least 2 weeks then decreased to 3 times weekly until outpatient therapy was indicated. God forgive the patient who really wasn’t homebound. Didnt matter, still kept on service, There will be no Medicare when I finally reach 65 because of these blood thirsty leeches. I hope Medicare puts Gentiva and their newest aquisition Oddysey hopsice out of business for fraud. The incentive bonuses for managers, and directors encourage fraud and lies.

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