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Frohsin & Barger Prosecutes Medicare Fraud Qui Tam Cases Across the Country

June 9, 2011

Well-known as one of the preeminent healthcare fraud law firms located in the deep South, Frohsin & Barger has actively participated in healthcare and other False Claims Act qui tam cases across the country. From Seattle to Miami and points in between, Frohsin & Barger acts as counsel to whistleblower insiders who have direct, independent knowledge of systematic fraud against the federal and state governments.

States Where Frohsin & Barger Has Filed or Participated in Qui Tam Cases
Make yours @
Make yours @

Our representation includes evaluating, investigating, and filing qui tam actions as well as assisting prosecutors and investigative agents in pursuing cases and reaching settlements, with a high-percentage of our cases resulting in government intervention. We have sealed cases in multiple states across the country and regularly travel to meet with United States Attorney’s offices, State Attorney General Offices, and United States Department of Justice attorneys in Washington, DC. Medicare fraud effects all Americans and has spread across the country like a disease infecting communities large and small in every state in the Union. Accordingly, Frohsin & Barger acts as private attorneys general, prosecuting Medicare fraud wherever it is found and has pursued cases against companies falsely billing Medicare in 49 out of the 50 states.

States Directly Impacted by Frohsin & Barger Cases
Make yours @
Make yours @

To report Medicare fraud or other false claims against the taxpayers and the government, contact Frohsin & Barger.

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