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U.S. Intervenes in False Claims Suit Against Psychiatric Center

November 10, 2009

A Virginia psychiatric treatment center for pre-teen and teenage boys cheated its vulnerable adolescent patients and the Medicaid program, says DoJ and several former therapists who have emerged as whistleblowers. A qui tam lawsuit has been unsealed recently against Universal Health Services Inc., Keystone Marion LLC, and Keystone Education and Youth Services LLC d/b/a Keystone Marion Youth Center.

To report Medicaid fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.

  1. they are still doing medicade fraud today better check into it.

    • Lee Walker permalink

      I have a sister that was “forced out” of her employment with these folks for filing an Employee Concern form because she was ordered to ignore physician’s orders.
      Also have a niece still employed there that tells me she is asked to alter documents regularly.
      It’s a well known fact to the residents of Marion.
      SOMEONE needs to look into these folks with a magnifying glass!!!!!

  2. Princess permalink

    Taxpayers would be outraged if they knew to what extent they have been “fleeced”. This facility has not only stolen from the government, they have deliberately found ways to rid themselves of employees who are actually honest and will continue to be so. The disturbing things that have taken place at Keystone Youth would give everyone nightmares.

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